Moving portable buildings since 1978!

Portable Building Delivery and Setup

    • Portable Building Delivery is free, up to 20 miles, from any of our locations. Over 50 miles is $2.00 a mile fee.
    • Portable Buildings are placed at desired location and leveled up to 18 inches. Leveling adjustments requiring over 18 inches will incur an additional $3.00 per block.
    • Horse barns are specially reinforced to provide easy mobility and can be moved around
      the property using a tractor. For example, this feature makes it extremely easy to keep your building facing the sun in all seasons.
    •   NOTE: all portable buildings are leveled when delivered.


    • 5 Years regarding materials and craftsmanship
    • 25 years on shingles
    • 45 year manufacturer's warranty on metal roofing


    • Floor joists are mounted on two solid 4x6 pressure treated runners

    • Floor joists are 2x4's on 12 inch center on 8 x 10 buildings

    • Floor joists are 2x6's on 16 inch center on 12ft wide buildings including,

    • 2x8 end plates notched around 4x6's runners for easy moving.

    • Plywood decking 5/8 square edge sturdy floor including a smooth sanded finish.

Wall construction

    •   All portable buildings Framed with 2x4's on 16 inch center


    • T1-11 wood siding or metal siding .

    • Custom colors to match available to fit your landscape perfectly.

    • Optional clear coating to provide natural beauty.

Roofing Features

    • Framed 16 inch on center with an insulated roof decking.
    • Extended roof overhangs for weather protection on all four sides of portable buildings.

    • Ridge vents and eve vents included for maximum ventilation.

    • 25 year shingles. Metal drip edge included.

    • Optional Metal roofing is warranted for 40 years

Door Features

    • Double doors include a metal threshold and heavy duty powder coated hardware package inside and out.

    • Door sizes vary from 4 ft to 8 ft wide depending on what you need.

Additional Optional Customizations Include



    Side doors

    Garage doors

    Custom doors(ie., doggie doors)

    Ramps for Lawn Mowers


    Trim Packages

    Work benches


    Metal roof