Moving portable buildings since 1978!

Portable Building Moving Check List


  1. Measure overall length, width (including overhang), and height (from tallest point to bottom of skid) of the building.

    1. Measure from the longest points.

  2. Disconnect or remove anything added to the building that made the building "semi-permanent" as opposed to portable.

    1. Disconnect any electric lines or water pipes running to the building.
    2. Remove any steps, trellises or other items that were added after the building was positioned at the site.

  3. Empty the building. Note if the building is finished (sheet rock, insulation, paneled).

    1. Even if the move is to be only a few feet, the extra weight of items stored inside can add to the difficulty of the move and place unnecessary strain to the structure.

  4. Note the size of the building, how the building is positioned in the current location and the distance the building is to be moved.

    1. Trim any limbs that might be in the way.
    2. Remove any obstacles that might block the way

  5. Check to see if the portable building was built on skids (think sled runners).

  6. To Schedule a building to be moved you must have a physical address of both locations. (To and From locations)